Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calm Lake Sunsets

caught the sunset in Fujairah mountain range reflected at the man made lake below on my way back to Dubai.....oops! was there really a lake out there? i wish i could take on my own a real photo sunset like this one.
actually i did a quick fix i read from the internet photo site and i just want to share with you.

PPworks:Photoshop 7
1. the real photo was the upper one i took last Feb.
2. first i made an enhancement of the photo,i went to Enhance>adjust>color > color variations>increased blue.
3. for the mirror effect on the calm lake, you must make a reflected to Select>all and then Edit>Copy.Now go to File>New document.Go to file>paste and your image will be pasted to the new document.
4. Flip the image,Image>Rotate>Flip vertically.
5. Now return to your original image, go to Image>resize>canvas size then check the topmiddle box.Double the height of the image.
6. Now all you have to do is drag the mirror image into the expanded canvas area and line up the image.Voila! you have the sunset reflected in a calm lake, for more realistic image youcan darken the mirror image from Level adjustments and blur it a little bit.then cropped it to your taste.
thanks for the interest going this far,

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