Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunset Harmony

I wonder how to take sunset picture with details both on the sky and the front subjects like that house on this Sunset Harmony?

Because, if the camera points to the bright sunlight, that house turns out almost silhouette. However, if it points to the house, I get fine exposure on the house, but lose the warm sunset effect.

Okay, here I did a bit “cheating” ;)

I took it in raw format by pointed the camera to the sunset. As I mentioned above, the house turns out black. To bring out its details, I increased the brightness. In photoshop, I combined two jpeg format files, with and without brightness adjustment, by layer masking. I really was amazed by the sunset effect that could harmonize the warm and cool colours. Oh, I also did tone adjustments to emphasize the contrast between the warm and cool colours. Would love to know what you think :)

Thank you for viewing, any comments, critiques, tips welcome :)

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