Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunsets around the world

I shot a lot of Sunset Pictures in many holiday and vacation destinations and love all the images of cloud patterns and the beautiful sunlight at that time. Sunset Pictures and Dusk Pictures are my favourites, as long as I can find a nice foreground. The shades between orange, blue and the dark are making all Sunset Pictures unique.

I have a large collection of sunset pictures from my extensive travels. I enjoy taking sunset pictures and using the natural subjects of my surroundings in the composition.

Beautiful reflections and constantly changing light situations make for unique and interesting pictures as the sun sinks lower in the sky until it finally dips beneath the horizon. Then, as though in a final attempt to keep the earth lit, the suns light reflects dramatically in the surrounding clouds.

Taking sunset pictures can be a challenging but also very rewarding experience.

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Anita said...

What an awesome picture! I have not been fortunate enough to stay anywhere to see such beautiful sunsets except on Lake Michigan, but never in the Caribbean. I have just seen sunrises. I like sunset pictures better. I can't seem to find your other pictures though, can you help me to find them? Thanks for sharing your sunsets. Anita